Business jet interior design

We called this concept of interior 'Onegin' in honor of the eponymous opera by P. Tchaikovsky by the novel of world classic, which is staged at Bolshoi Theater and the scenes all over the world.

The design is guided by the Vehiteсt® principle (vehicle + architecture), developed and applied by Atom, practically to every created interior of public transport.

We consider the interior of the plane so. In fact, a person enters the room at one point of planet and leaves after a rather short amount of time completely in another place. This assumption allows us to consider the interior of aircraft rather as a waiting area for teleportation and apply to it "earthly" principles of the interiors of buildings.

Since this design will be used by people who are quite sophisticated in the top-class interiors, and to some extent even fed up with luxury, we have formulated the framework of project's culture: the interior should not be defiant or at least inferior to conceptualism. On the contrary, it must be classical, reserved, aristocratic, extremely expensive in sensations, but at the same time not so cold as usually lux.

We have brought the "luxury" in a much more open, friendly and most importantly cozy area of passenger's sensations.
Design and art direction created by Alexey Maslov
in collaboration with Igor Krasnov for Atom design and engineering.

Moscow - Saint Petersburg - Kotor, 2018

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